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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 23, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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with some fog and mist out there were you not a lot of steady rain. tonight wouldn't be a bad night to run out if you have errand to run prior to the christmas holiday. storm scan three shows rain heading our way, and look at how heavy it is over portions of northern alabama and tennessee, back through mississippi. very heavy rain. thinks all lifting up eastern seaboard. as that rain lifts north very warm air will come with it, in fact, we could get close to a record for christmas eve here in philadelphia. we are half mile in mount pocono. mile in wilmington. 7 miles right now at the airport. fog comes up on you quickly. play it safe. leave a space between you and the the guys in front of you out and about tonight. you can hit a pocket of dense fog. overnight you can see not see much until 3:00 a.m. when first ban of rain comes in and you can see here that this is an all day event, heavier showers at 10:00 a.m. heavier rain at 1:00 that continues to move through at 3:00 and all day long not a very nice christmas eve. what to expect for tomorrow. period of rain.
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three-quarters of an inch to a inch and a half. there could be ponding on the road and reduced visibility, once again, temperatures like we said near record highs. i'll have more on that and your christmas day forecast coming up in a bit, jessica. low clouds, mist and fog mean delays at philadelphia international airport. travel advisory is in effect, airport officials say half of all inbound and outbound flights are experiencing delays of up to two hours. so far there have been 100 flight cancellation toss day we have talked to passengers who were just trying to go with the flow. >> three hour delay, and my husband on a different flight, flying out with our children and i still don't know if his flight is delayed. >> reporter: if you're flying or a maybe picking someone up, before you leave your house either call 800-phl gator you can check the airport web site. we have put a lincoln our web site at cbs remember you can always get the the forecast at your
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fingertips by down loading cbs philly weather lap. it is a available on i tune and google play, right now. new to an exclusive iteam investigation into last weeks killing spree in montgomery county. police say bradley stone murdered his ex-wife and five of her relatives on december 15th. stone was found dead a day later in a woodyard of pennsburg. well to day the the results of the autopsy were released concluding stone committed suicide by overdosing on prescription drugs. investigative reporter char lieutenant huffman has been digging through court records and tonight she reveals lack of oversight by the count that i may have stopped last weeks killings. >> reporter: years before bradley stone went on a shooting rampage killing his ex-wife and five of her family members he legally purchased two handguns like these. a 9-millimeter and a 40 caliber. one of them used in last weeks killing spree. but stone should not have had any guns in his possession, a according to court records, obtained by the iteam he was
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on probation following a dui last year. as part of his court ordered probation he signed this agreement, saying he will not own, use, or possess any type of look alike firearm, lethal weapon, explosives or ammunition. question becomes why wasn't stone stripped of his guns, as required by his probation? county law enforcement officers could have check to see if any handguns were transferred into his name but did they? we asked those questions to numerous county officials responsible for overseeing stone's probation. all of them declined to comment. researchers and director of penn center on family violence doctor susan soresam says it is basically an honor system. >> having an honor system like this and least lying on it is naive. >> reporter: she points out, unlike pennsylvania, a few states have procedures forgetting a gun out of the hands of someone who already owns one but later becomes prohibited from having one. >> some places have asked people to least link wish their weapons and provide
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evidence of that. whether they have given it and sold the gun, have it the in a pawn shop or something like that. but they are supposed to provide evidence like that to the court. >> reporter: judge william fasher junior released a statement saying that stone did not have a record of violence and he showed no violent tendencies while in the program. >> none of us are sophisticated enough to predict for a specific case but we do believe that it is important to reduce the risk, and that steps can be taken to reduce risk of something like this ever happening. >> reporter: the montgomery county district attorney's office just released new information saying that they searched stone's house for guns numerous times but never found any. and while under state law stone was permitted to have a gun but we know that under the terms of his probation he was expressly prohibited from having would be. from the sat center, i'm shore lot huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> charlotte, thanks. volunteer fire fighters rescued a baby from the burning minivan on the garden state parkway. it all happened near exit 74 in laci township ocean county yesterday morning. fire fighters pat o'donnell and eddie barker pulled up after a seeing flames erupt from the hood of the car. the driver told them her baby was in the minivan. o'donnell worked to suppress flames while barker pulled the baby from the back seat of the car while fire over took the vehicle. amazingly, in one was injured. breaking news right now egg harbor township police say they have arrested doctor said jeffery charged with having criminal sexual contact with three patients. police tell us that the alleged contact happened during medical examinations in his office, at premiere neurology on english creek on avenue. his arrest followed a three month investigation and bail has been set for $25,000. a montgomery county woman is facing charges tonight, 42 year-old irish beginneo pottstown ace accused of having sex with the 17 year-old male.
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they found perfect having sex with the teen in a car at a park on november 15th, and then both admitted to engaging in sexual activity. they met at pottsgrove high school while attending a school function. police say she then sent nude photographs of herself using her cell phone. tense moments at a south jersey high school after a bullet is found near an entrance. "eyewitness news" at the clear view regional high school in mulika, a maintenance worker found a 22 caliber bullet near the school's media entrance. the school and nearby middle school went into lock down for a short time. no weapons were found. police say no threats were made. >> in your first instinct as a parent toys just run for your child but we cannot get in. >> students were dismissed after a half day, officials say they don't know where that bullet came from, but they plan on video. a violent man is back in
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philadelphia and back behind bars tonight. as "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch tells us his capture was a team effort. federal investigators traveled to mexico to extradite him back to the u.s. >> reporter: at a press conference on tuesday police and fbi, set the scene of the four year manhunt for alberto isaac suarez, who was wanted for a rape just across the street from police headquarters. >> it was on sunday august 29th, 2010, approximately 9:30 p.m. when we had a young, 22-year old female who was walking in the 200 block of north eighth street. >> reporter: that victim was at the bus stop when authorities say suarez grabbed her and then raped and choked her by the septa broad ridge spur. video later showed the man running from that scene, pantless. missing pants were found and with them a wallet a fake mexican id and critical clue. >> we recovered a camera, we were able to track him to the house he was staying in south philadelphia. >> tips from that house led
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police to suarez family and friend, they helped authority track him from the pittsburgh area where he is wanted for march 2010 rape in philadelphia by that august. then to texas and then to mexico where police believe he slipped by the the border to dodge arrest in september 2010. soon afterwards an fbi unlawful flight warrant came down and by april 2012, mexican authorities jailed suarez. >> we thought it was very fitting that a philadelphia police officer, accompanied by an fbi agent, traveled to on alberto suarez.he handcuffs >> reporter: dna also tied suarez to another rape in march 2010 in the pittsburgh area but here in philadelphia he is facing charges, that includes rape, sult assault and he is being held on five million-dollar bond. i'm justin finch, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". public officialness chester county gathered to show support for police, fire fighters and emergency
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responders. it comes in the the wake of the murder of two new york city police officers. the tragedy hits close to home for congressman path the path meehan. >> officer ramos son, justin, is a classmate of my own son, at boden college in maine and i discussed this issue with my son and the classmates are all still very affected by the the moment. >> officials say it was a recent increase in anti police sentiment it is important to thank the men and women in uniform. there are calls for police departments nationwide to implement diversity training and diversify the ranks of officers. "eyewitness news" reporter steve paterson takes a look at the the effort to recruit minorities to the philadelphia police department. >> reporter: in mid december philadelphia police cadet class 369, graduated 39 new officers. of those 39, less than 20 percent were minorities. >> it is difficult in terms of
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recruiting minorities. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey says recruiting is a problem in the department especially black men. >> we are doing everything we can to try to address it. >> reporter: he says anti police sentiment across the country is not helping. >> policing is being challenged right now in a lot of different ways, which makes it less attractive to some young people. >> reporter: and, and say these things. >> reporter: philadelphia garden lead president say stories like ferguson are a direct result of lack of diversity in policing and recent change in educational requirements to be an officer are blocking the people that they need in philadelphia a new guidelines took effect last year. bilaal says biggest roadblock the department requiring 60 college course credits. >> sixty credits doesn't determine character. sixty credits doesn't determine common sense. >> reporter: according to this stats tickets from the department, the requirement has had an effect, dropping
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minorities representation from 35 percent to 31 percent. women's enrollment went up a few points but black males already only representing 16 percent of the department, and now only 12 percent. >> i really take offense to the nation that you have to lower standards in order to get minorities. >> there are a lot of good people in this city, that want to do this job and because of these requirements, it gist stopping them from doing it. >> reporter: steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". she delayed her college life and sacrifice for her younger brother who has cancer, tonight a young girl is being called a holiday angel and is being celebrated for herself lessness. that story is next. plus. it is better to give then to receive and salvation arm a i is doing just. that i'm syma chowdhry with that story, coming up. and we're tracking heavy rain and gusty wind, near record temperatures for christmas eve so does it clear
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out for christmas day? i'll have your full forecast coming up, beasley. final week for work eagles play for pride for giants on sunday, quarterback mark sanchez talks about the game, and free agent receiver jeremy maclin talks about the the future, he is a free agent in sports.
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deserving south jersey teen with the shopping spree just in time for christmas. christie torres wrote an essay about her family friend ashley deangelo whom she calls a holiday angel. the teen left high school during her senior year to care for her younger brother, hoist battling late stage brain cancer. >> he has been fighting this cancer for a year now, actually a little over a year, but he is doing good. i will give half the money to my brother so he can get shopping and get what he wants. >> she shopped with project runway winner, jane mccarol and she received a holiday make over. we're now seeing results of your generosity, helping provide toys to the deserving kids this holiday season. our syma chowdhry met with one mom who will have a great christmas thanks to the salvation army and our joy of sharing campaign. >> reporter: carmen is picking up toys from the salvation arm
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any north philadelphia for six children, age two to seven. >> it is a blessing that we got toys. everything we have to do for them. thank you you. >> reporter: two of perfect kids have special needs which makes it tough for her to work. a couple years ago carmen volunteered for the salvation army but now she's on the receiving end of their help. >> i was like let me go in there abe i need to give my kids more than just toys. >> reporter: each year the salvation army gives out brand new toys to needy families during the holidays. >> we can give them quality gifts that will help their children to see that christmas is a special team. >> reporter: toys are arranged by gender and age group and many toys you see came from cbs-3's joy of sharing program. >> i really appreciate what the joy of sharing does. it is just mind boggling. >> reporter: cbs-3 collected toys all in month long and then loaded them up on the salvation army truck, ready to bring smiles on christmas morning. >> it is just awesome, that
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people would care so much about a child that they will never know, that at least for one day they can still love. >> reporter: for those who donated a toy carmen has this message. >> it means a lot for a family that really don't have anything at all, this is a blessing to us. thank you so much. >> reporter: and then that is truly a a joy of a sharing. in north philadelphia, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so great to see results of that endeavor, thanks for all donated. lets look at our weather watcher map, check with a few watchers, we will start off in delaware with sandor who is reporting 50 degrees. mostly cloudiness newark, delaware. what a miserable day. we have to turn that front upside down. even though it is glummy and warm for christmas, it is still filled with christmas spirit or at least we should be. lets look at jonathan's report. he is reporting 46. he is in mal vin reporting
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rain. jonathan says misty, cloudy what we are seeing every where and heading over into new jersey we will check with douglass and reporting 48 in vincentown again with some rain. if you'd like to be a weather watcher sign up at cbs you can be featured in one of our newscast. lets take a quick look outside and see how evening is shaping up. it doesn't look like we have many tall build initial philadelphia tonight. low clouds have anything to do witt. lot of fog. low ceilings out there you can see center city, taller buildings obscured by low clouds. quick look at time lapse from our live neighborhood network. this is is from the pottsgrove senior high school in pottstown. 45 degrees right there right now. it was a glummy day. you can see clouds had a little bit of rain coming through. definitely not a wash out but this morning a few pockets of steadier showers but no breaks in the cloud cover all day. we were socked in with clouds and that continues through tonight. taking a look is what happening outside on storm scan three. look at what is waiting in the wings. you thought today was glummy.
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tomorrow will be worse. this moisture lifts up the eastern seaboard from the very large storm impacting the eastern half of the country. snow around back side of the storm. that will not reach us. we are on the warm side, firmly branted really on the warm side of that storm. so triple sweep, not showing much of anything, temperatures are mild, 51 in millville. forty-nine at the airport. forty-five in allentown. steady rain moves in overnight. all day tomorrow just waves and waves, of pretty steady rain. watch this band just move right up the eastern seaboard at 6:00 p.m. we are seeing heavy rain in philadelphia little break. another round by 3:00 a.m. overnight good news is we will start christmas day with some sun. it will be very warm, near record, 62 the high for tomorrow. record is 64, setback in 1990. for your christmas eve, rain heavy at times, .75-inch toes one and a half inches, clearing and windy on christmas day with gusts to 35 miles an hour. fog, drizzle earlier tonight. steady rain late. we have periods of rain for your wednesday, christmas eve, breezy and mild, 62. that is 2 degrees off the the
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record. there is a chance we could tie it or break it if we warm up more. we will clear it out christmas day back in the mid 50's. the nice weather friday and saturday. cooler, sunday and monday with showers returning to the forecast. >> warm tomorrow. >> very warm. >> it feels weird. >> kate, thanks. >> thanks. good evening, everyone. we still have rush hour sprinkled all over but we have an accident to deal with if you are traveling on i-95. i-95 northbound a very serious accident, a spin out here taking out that center lane, for northbound 95, making your way approaching the walt whitman bridge. heading out of the stretch of broad street. it is causing a southbound delay. notice police are blocking left-hand lane on the southbound side of i-95 to assist in this accident. as of right now all lanes are blocked as a result of trying to get this vehicle moved over to the shoulder. so best advice i have for you right now as they continue to move that is to give yourself more time heading out of the area have of delaware county and making your way in south
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final week of practice with two disappointed teams meeting on sunday. chip kelly says they will practice, and play to win the game, there is meaning for several players, quarterback mark sanchez will be a free agent. a good performance may ease the pain of several bad turnovers. >> never fun especially we started off the season so strong, you know, been on a three game skid here. the that is never fun. but our mentality is just getting up for this game, getting excited bit and then one more opportunity to go play well. >> jeremy maclin gambled and won, he turned down a licensing term contract coming off his knee surgery only to have a banner team.
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he had 82 catches for 1269 yards and ten touchdowns. he is a a free agent and improved his lot in life by several million. >> this is a great place to be. you know, i have always said i always spoke the best about this organization. you know, mr. lurie or chip has ever told me has always been true. why wouldn't i want to be here. this is the place that drafted me and i want to make my career here. if we can get something work out when time is ride. the let's make it happen. >> flyers and sixers both in action tonight. orange and black face off with the wild at 7:00 p.m. they have won two straight. sixers go up against defending eastern conference champions taking on the heat at 7:30. penn state football will play yankee stadium at daze against boston college, in the new era pin stripes bowl. they visited 9/11 memorial and museum to kick off their bowl week. that had to be moving, moving
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shall emotional. >> i was there not too long ago it just takes your breath away. it is beautifully done. neat thing to see. we will be right back.
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it is season have of giving and philadelphia police department is giving deserving children a happy holiday. the officers with the 25th police district, shepherd elementary school for their annual toy drive and today, santa and elfs gave out presents at the school after a special lunch. looks like they are excited. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and we are back on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next tonight "cbs evening news", tonight changing their tune, sony decides to release the interview and ticket goers are scooping up tickets. plus, celebrating 50 years of a civil rights anthem, that is
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next, here now is james brown. >> brown: tonight, tornadoes hammer the deep south. buildings are damaged, cars are flipped. meteorologist eric fisher says holiday travelers face even more rough weather. in a stunning reverse acial "the interview" will be shown in theaters. jericka duncan reports while ben tracy investigates whether north korea really was behind the sony hackie. >> this was a country that has essentially been nuked from the inside. >> brown: the u.s. economy shifts into overdrive thanks to tumbling gas prices. manuel bojorquez reports. ♪ a change will come >> brown: and anthony mason looks back at a civil rights anthem released 50 years ago this week. >> it's the kind of song as a songwriter you want to write. write.


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